Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reception Sites

Choosing a reception site depends greatly on how many guests you will be having attend the wedding. The bigger the guest list gets the smaller the selection of reception venues. The majority of reception venues max out at about 200 to 250 people.
  • Hotels/Function Halls - This type of venue is definitely the most popular for wedding receptions. There is usually a wedding coordinator that you can work, and a package that you can buy that has transportation, photography and menu selections. Remember to find out if you can bring in your own photographer, flowers, etc.. if you have certain people in mind. If you don't have tons of time on your hands and like what they offer in their packages this might be the way to go, but remember this convenience usually comes with a price.
  • Country Clubs/Yacht Clubs - If you are a member or someone you know is a member of a country club you might want to look into this option. They usually do not carry packages so you have more room to save money. even though you may not think it, many private country clubs are less expensive than hotels because they only do about 1 to 2 weddings a month and don't make most of their revenue this way so they do not jack up the prices. The club will have different menus for you to choose from and allow you to bring in any photographer, videographer, etc. that you wish.
  • Public Spaces - Indoor or outdoor public spaces are options that some people choose as reception venues, but I would not recommend this due to many issues you may run into with liability and you will not be able to serve any kind of alcohol because its a public space, so no champagne toast.
  • Backyard Reception - Other than not having the site fee this option is just as expensive if not more because you have to rent all the chairs, tables, linens, tents, etc.. and have some one clean up when the whole thing is over. Unless this is something that you have dreamed about for all long time I would stay away from this option and I would definitely hire someone to take care of organizing things on the day of the wedding so that you and your mother are not running around getting things ready.
  • Other Venues to Think About - Wineries, Barns, Mansions, Destination weddings (expensive), just let your imagination run wild.

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