Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ceremony Sites

Where to get married?

There are thousands of places where you could get married. I will break them down for you and talk about how each of them will effect your budget.

  • A religious setting (Church, Temple, etc.) - These venues tend to be the least expensive, its usually a couple hundred dollars for the priest or rabbi and whatever you want to spend on flowers.
  • Outside (public space)- This is another relatively inexpensive venue although you do have to worry about the weather. In this scenario you still have to pay for the officiant, but you also have to add on the chair rental, the cost of renting or building an archway to stand under and any fee the city or town my have for you to use the space.
  • Outside (private space, backyard, etc.) - This venue is similar to the public space except you can minus the fee from the city or town. This can be a very inexpensive and personal way to have your ceremony.
  • At the Reception Site - If you are thinking about having your reception at a hotel, inn, country club or function site, you may want to look into having your ceremony at the same location. In this scenario you will not have to worry about renting chairs or an archway because these venues usually will have these items. You can save on transportation costs as well, since every thing will happen in the same location.
  • Public Building - If you have a historic building near where you live with a beautiful space that would fit all of your guests, consider this as an option as well. It will create a one of a kind experience for the two of you and give your guests a nice change of pace as well. Costs wise this is the same as the outside public space, and also you may need to take out short term insurance for the event for a couple hundred dollars depending on the historic value of the building, check with the town or city.
Of course make sure that wherever you choose to get married, is beautiful to you. If it is beautiful to you then you will feel beautiful when you are there.

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