Monday, January 19, 2009

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Thinking about having your wedding during the summer? Do you love bright bold colors? Instead of choosing traditional flowers such, put together more tropical flowers for a fun and interesting look.

Bride’s Boutique – Keep the boutique simple Calla Lilies with their leaves still attached and maybe a white Rose here or there would be nice. If you do want to add color try adding two or three Asiatic Liles.

Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids – Combine mostly yellow Liles with a few Gingers. Remember for all of the boutiques to keep the stems exposed and tie a ribbon similar in color to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Boutonnieres – For the groom’s boutonniere use a single Calla Lily with two small leaves. For the groomsmen’s boutonnieres use single yellow Lilies with leaves. For the father’s boutonnieres use white Roses.

Mother’s Boutiques– For the mother’s create smaller versions of the bridesmaid’s boutiques with only two to four flowers each.

Table Center Pieces – To create an interesting center pieces for the reception use either a shallow rectangle glass dish or other rimless shallow glass vase and float Lotus flowers and Gingers in water (if your wedding is a night include tea candles).

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